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Hackmatack Buffalo Farm

Hackmatack Buffalo Farm

Thank you for your interest in Hackmatack Buffalo Farm!

Our all natural bison herd roams 30 acres of pasture directly behind the Playhouse. This pasture is some of the oldest cultivated land in the US - The Guptills have been raising crops and animals here beginning in the mid 1600's.

Our vision is three fold:

Clean & Tasty
Our bison soak in sunlight and eat grass 12 months out of the year - they eat what ruminants should be eating: 100% green grass all summer and local hay in the winter. We're dedicated to raising clean, natural and delicious red meat.

Sustainable & Restorative
We believe in smart stewardship of our pasture, utilizing farming practices that both maintain and improve the value of the soil. Our farm is one small part of a larger movement to encourage natural landscapes and restore soil health on both a local and national basis.

Culture & Community
Situated at a focal point for local culture and arts, it's only natural that our farm at Hackmatack would be an advocate for the Southern Maine community. We're always ready to share our knowledge and vision for growing the local farming culture. Let us give you a tour and teach you what we know.

See you at the Playhouse! Please take some time to visit the herd before the show.

Hackmatack Buffalo Farm

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